Pair Tracking communication

Hi guys,

i have a question about the pair tracking feature.

The setup was easy and without any problems like it´s mentioned in the documentation:

But there is no difference…tracking is as usually and there is no new tag in my records.

Does anybody know how the phones communicate? I switch on airplane mode during night of course…but i still activate bluetooth because i am using my smartwatch for tracking. My partner is using just her phone.

So is the communication done by bluetooth or internet…? Are there any requirements?

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Same here (or almost). At the first night of pairing, the couple icon appeared on both phones. After that, it has appeared twice on my wife’s Sleep history, but not on mine. We re-paired the phones last night, but no icon has appeared. And we don’t switch to airplane mode, only use do-not-disturb Samsung feature.

Should be good to know how Sleep exchange information in Pair mode.

Yes, the icon was shown on my wifes phone (also airplane mode) but never on mine. The other night she had weird data like 95% deep sleep. We both have the same phones (Honor 6X).

We switched the pairing off because it´s not reliable at all, but looking forward for improvements.

Support answered me by the way, but they also do not know how the google nearby API really work, they just implemented it ^^