Orange graph on my sleep graph

Sometimes there is an orange graph with numbers on top of my sleep graph. It’s can’t find out what it is within the app or on the help page. Does anyone know what this is?

Hello Jana,

the orange line on the sleep graphs is ambient light in your room in LUX units…

All elements shown in the graph have some description in the graph details screen under menu (right upper corner) → Legend.

Please see our blog post on this new feature:

It’s a light tracker. Doesn’t seem to work consistently though.

I don’t see this option “Legend” :não divertido:

Could you post a screenshot? This is strange as the option has been there for quite some time…

OK… It will no longer be necessary, I found it. Forgive me for the carelessness, but I find some options in the app quite confusing. Thank you!

There’s a screen shot on my original post at the top. If you look on the screen shot, there’s the 3 dots in the top right hand corner next to the share icon. Click on that and “legend” is towards the bottom. I had tried that before and the very 1st color is " light" but I didn’t understand what that meant. It certainly didn’t explain the numbers. It is definitely not consistent since I work at night, sleep during the day, and it’s not on all of my sleep graphs.

Thanks for the feedback @Jana_Smith. We’re currently rolling out brand new documentation in Beta that will bring detailed contextual help on almost every screen of Sleep as Android, including of course the sleep graph.