Options in "tags" in the detailed statistics

From Solveig on 2015/02/17 18:30:28 +0000

Three things:
#1 I need to use a lot of tags (I number all days 01-28 to help figure out just how my cycle is messing up my sleep). I would like to be able to see just these tags or some of them, and not the other tags that might be attached to the same nights. As it is it is a very “crowded” chart.
#2 Could deep sleep and rating please be in two different charts? It is just very difficult to really see the patterns with both on top of each other.
#Why can’t I zoom in on these charts as I can with some of the others? That in it self would help me a lot with problem 1&2. Or being able to select a section of them as with the data for each sleep session.

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