Option where the alarm will only go off after you've had a designated amount of sleep

From Ross McCarthy on 2017/04/14 11:51:19 +0000

I’d like an option where i can say i want 7.5 hours sleep, and with the sleep tracker it will take me up after i reach 7.5 hours minimum, or once i reach light period after that time

Copied from original feature request: http://urbandroid.uservoice.com/forums/264867-sleep-as-android/suggestions/18937396-option-where-the-alarm-will-only-go-off-after-you

From tash on 2017/10/30 11:27:24 +0000

The "not before ideal sleep" still will wake you before ideal if you are in light sleep. It's not much but it adds up. I got woken 6 minutes before ideal today.

From LeeRoy on 2017/06/10 22:24:51 +0000

I would LOVE to see this for naps. Just click "1 sleep cycle nap" or "30 minutes nap" button then the timer doesn't start until I'm actually asleep.

From Fabian on 2017/05/24 09:18:09 +0000

@David H: It exists for smart wake up, but not for the alarm in general.

From David H on 2017/05/16 20:28:26 +0000

I believe this already exists. Look at Settings > Smart wake up > Not before ideal sleep.