Option to toggle the new functionality where smart lights turn fully on after an alarm is dismissed

Ever since the last update, what I think might be a new feature or it may be a bug, I don’t know, but, the lights will now turn to 100% brightness immediately after dismissing an alarm.
What used to happen, where they would instead just continue their set fade sequence on dismiss, felt a lot less jarring.
It would be neat to have an option for anyone who might not want immediate full bright on wake up to have an option to toggle this new functionality.

Hi @Carn - the option is there.
Take a look at Settings > Smartlight > Keep light after.

Depending how this is set up, the light will turn to maximum brightness after either dismiss, snooze, both, or nothing. The maximum brightness can also be altered in Settings > Smartlight > Maximum intensity.

Hey, @jiri-urbandroid
After testing this option out for a few days and making sure it was what you meant, this isn’t actually the functionality I was talking about.

I might have worded it poorly since I wrote that after just waking up, that’s my bad. Anyway, those settings only change the ability to keep the light on after dismissal/snooze and to control how bright it gets, but they don’t control the speed of how bright the light gets over time.

What used to happen was that, even after the light was dismissed, it would slowly fade to whatever the “Maximum intensity” was set to. Now, the light will immediately jump to the set intensity without the gradual fade.

If I could, I would probably change the title to:
Implement an option to toggle between smart light’s gradual fade and immediate intensity on dismiss/snooze

Hello Carn, sorry about that, this is a bug which was introduced in the latest production version 0228 and was fixed in the latest BETA version and now should be fixed in the 50% staged roll out 0330… sorry for the issues…

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