Option to set up sleep time on watch

I think it would be very handy to be able to set a toggle for various watch features to be triggered during sleep tracking. For example, I would have Sleep automatically set my watch to DND mode and turn on Touch Lock when I start sleep tracking. I realize that not everyone would want this enabled, so just the option to toggle on/off would be awesome!

I have successfully set up MacroDroid to be able to start my music player, select my “sleep” playlist, turn down the volume and play the first track, then start sleep tracking with Sleep as Android with my connected watch and then tell me “goodnight” when it is finished running. I LOVE being able to set up my optimal sleep routine with the tap of one macro button on my phone (or on my watch!), but I still have to manually set DND and touch lock on my watch every night and when I forget to do it, I am invariably awoken by some moron spam calling me early in the morning. MacroDroid was able to get a lot done for me in coordination with Sleep as Android, but not anything having to do with watch settings. Is this something that Sleep can work in sometime soon?