Option for snooze limitations only to apply after alarm time

similar to the setting “Snooze after alarm time” I would love a setting to apply the snooze restriction (total time, snooze limit, halve snooze…) only to after the actual alarm time.
When using the smart waking method and restrictions it happens that I get an alarm early in the period and still decide to sleep a little longer. With 20 minutes max snooze time and a 40 minutes smart period this sometimes forces me to stand up 20 minutes earlier than needed (can make a difference for me of having a good day or not).
So what i would love to do in the morning is to snooze as often as I like untill the alarm time and start the restriction after that. So even when I get the first actual alarm at the alarm time I can at least snooze for the set time or number of snoozes.
By now I have a workaround with a second alarm but with an APP as awsome and capable as this it feels like a wooden gear in an otherwise high percission ceramic gear box and my workearound comes with its own downsides.