One UI Watch devices - Sleep as Android

Sleep tracking with Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 (running the ONE UI Watch OS) requires a companion app installed from the Play Store on the watch.

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Any idea when this will be working?

Hello Sarah, the tracking with GW4 and 5 is already working. Did you install the companion app?
If you mean the SpO2 data, this depends on when Samsung lifts the limitation.

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Yeah apologies I meant that SpO2 data :blush:

Bump… why does Samsung limit the use of sp02?

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I have a Galaxy Watch 5 - no SPO2 support yet. Is it possible to use SAA with the watch but pass the SPO2 data to the Samsung app?

The sensor is closed for independent apps, sadly.
But you can use Health Connect to sync the data from the native app to Sleep. The sync takes place immediately when the graph is finished (if there is connectivity), so the graph is rendered with the SpO2 graph immediately.

How can I enable HR for galaxy watch 4? when I use the app it seems to record everything but that

Hi, to enable HR data reading, in the main Sleep as Android (on the phone), go to Settings > Sleep tracking > Wearables, and enable Heart rate monitoring.

Also make sure, that the main app on the phone and the addon on the wearable both have Body sensors permission.

Thanks, they both do have them, but still no register, is heart rate monitoring avaliable for samsung Galaxy watch 4 (with the new one ui 5 plus wear os 4)?

Hi, we do not have anything reported so far, and many users with One UI Watch integration already received the update. Could you please use the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug, and send your logs? Thank you.

Thanks for the help, I just sent a report and attached some previous sleep logs