One Time or Monthly Fee

I would like to know if payment is a one time fee. Cannot locate answer.

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Hello Carol, thank you very much for your interest in our app.

We offer two intertwined apps - Sleep as Android and SleepCloud. Both have free and premium versions.

a) Sleep as Android is the main app for sleep tracking.
With free version of Sleep as Android, you get 14 day trial and after it expires, you can do sleep tracking only every other day. The full version with unlimited sleep tracking is paid since we are putting considerable amounts of work into the app and it is our main source of income.

This is a one-time payment.

b) SleepCloud is our backup service for your sleep records with a web app at
With free version of SleepCloud, you can do backups once a week. The full version with unlimited backups is paid since we have to pay for the cloud storage to Google (whose servers we are using).

This is a recurring payment (currently at about 3 dollars per year).

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