Older versions of the Garmin app

Hi all,

Can someone kindly share the old versions of the Garmin IQ SaA app? Mainly the ones prior to HR monitoring was removed.
I believe versions after 20170103-upd1 had the monitoring removed, so any version prior to that would be good.

@jiri-urbandroid, I imagine you might have all the old versions somewhere. Would you be so kind as to share these previous versions?



vivoactive HR user

Hey @AlexV.
I think this one had the HR active. It’s version 20170207 but it’s the oldest build I have.
SleepApp-vivoactive_hr.prg (86.1 KB)

Please note however that we’ll be doing a thorough debugging of the Garmin integration this July so hopefully we’ll get it working correctly including the HR.