O2Ring doesn't connect every session and doesn't disconnect on it's own

Hi @Den

I have been noticing that the o2ring doesn’t always send data even when it has been started by SAA. And it often won’t stop the service when SAA stops tracking. This is SAA configured to use automatic under wearables (eg ticwatch 3 pro or notify for gts 2 mini + o2ring).

An example - i start tracking. O2ring addon has started and actigraphy showing from my watch but no hr being sent from o2ring (O2ring service is definitely running). Wait 10 minutes or entire night. Stop tracking but o2ring service still running. Restart tracking and the hr symbol starts (sometimes - not every time). Stop tracking but o2ring is still running. This doesn’t appear to occur when o2ring is selected under use wearables but then it doesn’t provide actigraphy.

On a positive note, when it does work, I can get hr & hrv from ticwatch and spo2 from the ring. It would be amazing if it worked properly every session.

Any ideas? Any way I can help debug this?

O2Ring and other devices use Wearable Integration API. The correct way to use any wearable (including O2Ring) is to select it under “Use wearables”. The fact that O2Ring works with actigraphy when use automatic under “Use wearables” is the hack or hotfix that SAA team use as temporary solution before they release data aggregation feature. You can ask them if they have any ETA or need help from your side.