O2Ring Add-On Works But Now I Now Lose Sonar

I just received O2Ring and installed it as an add-on and got it to connect to SAA.

I now get sO2 and Heart Rate graphed in my sleep chart, but I now lose the Activity Data and also no Sound Recording and Also no REM detection.

Is this how this is supposed to work? That if I use a wearable, I lose sonar and I also lose accelerometer functionality?

Just wanting to know so I can just restore the sonar functionality, as I like the data it gives.

And then I can just run Viatom’s ViHealth app to work with the O2Ring to get my spO2 and heart rate data and chart.

So while asleep I will have SAA and ViHealth Aps running together to get all the data. I will try this setup tonight.

I saw an automatic option so I’m going to try this out tonight instead.

A limited 10-minutes seems to indicate the o2ring and sonar are both working, but only spO2 data is coming out. Hopefully heart rate data will show up in overnight use.

I don’t know if I could be able to get HRV data but maybe not as my impression is that I have to use the Polar-type chest bands. But it would be a pleasant surprise if that can be enabled, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Automatic mode wasn’t able to give me sleep activity data, unfortunately. It just gave me the o2ring data. The sonar was disabled. These is my chart from last night, which is the same as when I set the wearable to o2ring alone:

Last night I tried SAA with sonar to track my sleep. This means I am not using the O2Rinag add-on.

From the same phone I ran the viHealth app so I can use the O2Ring to track my spO2 and HR in a separate app.

I had to run the ViHealth app in the foreground and this means the SAA runs in the background.

I observed the following:

  • The ViHealth app kept disconnecting from O2Ring. This disconnection did not happen when I was running SAA with the O2Ring add-on the other night. This is a problem of the ViHealth app, but I should try running it without SAA running concurrently to see if this problem is due to the 2 apps running concurrently.

  • SAA ran well enough, except for one thing- it registered a large part of my sleep as me being awake. I don’t know if it was the bluetooth being turned on messing with the signal, or it was the ViHealth app running concurrently with it. Here is my sleep last night as recorded:

Why are you running vihealth in the foreground? The o2ring stores sleep session data internally for download post session. It can save up to 4 x 10h sessions.

Unfortunately, the sleep phaser and accelerometer are disabled when a wearable (from the wearables section) is enabled. It’s something I have been hoping would be addressed but it seems to be a low priority. Bluetooth smart (ble) wearables (such as ble spo2 and hr monitors) do not disable these functions.

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Yup. This limitation turned out well for me. As otherwise I would not know that I’m getting an inaccurate spO2 graph. Probably it can be corrected by changing the default setting from 10 seconds to 1 second for the sampling rate.

I would test this out tonight, except that I need to use the o2ring to get accurate graphs for the next few days.