Notify for Mi Band app tracked me sleeping, waking up, then sleeping again. But SAA doesn't track the 2nd time I sleep?

I’m using the Mi Band 6. My daily schedule makes it so that I have to wake up at 5 in the morning to do a task real quick, then fall back to sleep again right after.

SAA and the Notify for Mi Band app perfectly tracks the first sleep session before I wake up. But after I wake up and go back to sleep again, only the Notify for Mi Band tracked that second sleep session.

I thought all the data that Notify for Mi Band gets is automatically transferred into SAA? is there any setting that I might’ve missed? I want it so SAA also tracks me waking up and falling asleep again.

Another app I have for the Mi Band is the Mi Fit, could that be interfering with SAA? In Mi Fit it also tracks both my first sleep session and my second session just like the Notify for Mi Band app.