Not turning on any lights when person is already awake. Sleep should detect if person is already awake, walking around with or using the phone, and then not turning on any lights in order to not disturb others remaining in the bedroom

A lot of times I wake up just before the alarm goes off :grin:

That means I already leave the bedroom and take my phone with me. I then have a coffee, read the news, or something outside the bedroom, because obviously I would like to let my wife stay asleep and not beeing bothered by me already being awake and making noise.

If I forget now to turn off the alarm of “sleep”, maybe because I’m already under the shower, being outside, or whatever, sleep alarm will go off, also turning sleep phasers light and philips hue light on to make me wake up, although I have already left the bedroom. This may lead to my wife waking up for no reason.

I would like to see “Sleep” detecting that I’m already awake and walking around with my phone and not turning on any lights in that case to not disturb any remaining person in the bedroom.

Wether it be: "Sleep, turn alarm lights off, in cases where:

  • phone detects steps +20 within 30mins before alarm goes off

  • phone is more then 7m away from sleep phaser when the alarm supposed to go off

  • phone is already in use with any apps since 20min before the alarm goes off

  • or something else

To clearify: I would not like to see that sleep does not alarm in the above mentioned cases, just if any lights connected (sleep phaser, hue) they should not turn on in the above mentioned cases.

I believe this should be a separat setting which should be available within the certain alarm setting, not globally. Like a tic in the “various” section of each alarm, leaving the option to the user:

“Do not turn on any connected lights if Sleep already detected that you are awake or outside the bedroom”.

Hope this is Inline with other users…

YES, PLEASE! Many times I’ve woke up before the alarm and forgot to turn the alarm off and it would start to alarm in inconvenient moments and there was no QR Code to stop it.