Not sure: is SPO2 tracking w/ Galaxy Watch 4 still not possible?

Hello all,

if I understand correctly, in the past posts here, it was said that SPO2 tracking was not possible for Galaxy Watch 4 users because Samsung did not make the data available to 3rd party software. (no fault of SAA)

Is this still the case?

If this is (sadly still) the case, then it would be good to change the app so that it clearly says this to the Galaxy Watch 4 user.

I have been wondering for days what settings are wrong. Sideloaded the beta APK, sideloaded wear version 5.5, turned continuous monitoring off/on, allowed background activity, restarted phone, restarted watch, etc pp.

The SAA UI makes it seem everything would work for SPO2 just like it works for the heart rate.
So I do not know if I am still missing a setting or it simply is not yet possible.

(Thus: if the app cannot read SPO2 then make the app please say so.)

Hi Tom,
the option for Pulse Oximeter is only for Wear OS devices and Garmin at the moment.
Galaxy Watch 4 is not running Wear OS, but ONE UI Watch operating system, so this option does not apply to this wearable. The One UI is based on Wear OS, but they made so many limitations and alterations on it, it does not work exactly the same way.
If they lift the limitation on SpO2 sensor, we can adjust the companion app, and Sleep will collect data from SpO2 sensor.

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