Not a local audio file (own ringtone file)

Hi all,

I have the issue that I can’t select downloaded files in Sleep as Android.
I get two errors:
1 - Not a local audio file
2 - Sorry, something went wrong.

Things I have tried myself:

  • Restart phone
  • Clear cache and data
  • Reinstall app
  • Different audio file
  • Different audio type (.mp3 and .wav)

Anyone got an idea how to fix this?

Phone: Samsung S9+
Android version: 10
App version: 20220707

Hi, did you try moving the file to a different location? I would suggest Media, as this folder should be accessible for apps.


Hi Lenka,

This did the thing!
Pretty strange imo since I gave access to the right storage and such.
Anyhow thanks =]!

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Not all folders are accessible for apps, even if you try to grant the access there. The newer versions of the Android have some security measures on this, so the apps can only access the content of specific folders, or only its own folder. This should protect the privacy, but brings up unexpected side-effects like this.
You are very welcome :slight_smile: