Noob trying to write my own Captcha - advice

I want to write a captcha. I want it to detect phone movement, so the captcha starts and sounds an alarm if the phone is still say for half an hour. Fall asleep and the phone is still so sounds an alarm, up and doing morning stuff and the phone is moving so quiet.

I don’t know what I’m looking at, I’ve seen the example but don’t know what it is or what to use. I need a guide or just some references I can use to work out what I’m doing, if anyone has anything please?
On the off chance I want to see if the stock captcha’s are open sourced? Being able to refer to the Shake! code for the accelerometer etc would be very helpful.

I might be out of my depths but I really want to make this captcha, been thinking about it for a long time.

Thanks TT24

Hey, thanks for reaching out!

The stock captchas are done a little differently, but I can upload the source code of the Captcha Pack - this is what you would mimic in writing a Captcha using the Captcha API.

It’s only the src folder so you have to create the wrapping empty Android Studio project yourself, but that shouldn’t be an issue hopefully.
The source contains 10 captchas, where for example the Zombie captcha or Spinner captcha are similar to what you want.
Post back in case of any troubles. (2.1 MB)

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