Noise Recordings Will Not Play?

Hi there,

New to this application and really loving it, but having some issues with the noise recordings.

There are several recorded each night, but when I attempt to play them, it attempts to play it, but skips the file instead without playing anything.

I can however play these files manually through an installed music app.

They used to play fine, but now will not play in the app at all. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Having same issue. The recordings are there, I can see the graphical representations of the sound recorded, but when I click them it plays for less than a second and skips to next file and to repeat the same split second playing then skipping to next file.

The default Android audio player and VLC won’t play the files either. I’m on Pixel 3, Android 9.

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Yes I’m on a Pixel 3 as well. I found that the Neutron player will play the files, but it’s annoying to have to switch over to another app. Strangely, this worked perfectly when I first installed the app, but has started happening in the last few weeks. Any help would be appreciated.

I have same problem on s21 android 12. Am very disappointed as I talk all the time and liked to hear what I say and do. If this prob don’t get fixed will definitely not renew my subscription. I tried resetting the storage path and still nothing. Please somebody help

Also having this problem on S21.

Also experiencing this exact issue. Was able to locate and okay files manually with Solid Explorer, so the recording is working properly.

Also on a Galaxy S21

Hello @Kaelyn_Bear … can you please use menu > report a bug and send me to log so I can investigate?

Sorry I somehow missed this thread. Is anyone on this thread still having this issue and can you provide logs?

Just sent a bug report. I thought the noises were being recorded okay, but it seems I had some old ones in the folder. The new ones, even though they have decent file sizes, don’t play back in any apps (except like the first half second)

Hello @Kaelyn_Bear… ok than in this case this is a known issue on Samsung… for some reason on Samsung Android 12 the media codec which comes with the system is broken so we need to fallback to our internal bundled in Vorbis codec…

But in the log you sent I see you are already on version 20211202 which has this workaround on by default for users. So IMHO if you test the recording just now with a short sleep track IMHO you can alredy play back new recorded files… Can you confirm that?

I was unable to playback anything from last night. Even in other players

@Kaelyn_Bear do you know when you have updated the app to version 20121202 - as this is a very recent release… could you please just do s short sleep track, make sure to record something and send me another bug report please? That would be very much helpful

Okay. Just recorded and sent a new bug report. App version appears to be the latest in store

@Kaelyn_Bear sorry about the issue. Unfortunately at the moment the only reliable fix for this on Samsung (BTW we believe this is only happen on Samsung Galaxy S21) is to install the latest BETA version of the app…

Please first join our BETA Testers group at:!forum/sleep-as-an-droid
That you can opt-into the BETA at the following address:
or simply by visiting our Play Store listing and tapping “Join BETA”

Sorry for the issues and many thanks…

Same issue. Any luck in getting a fix?

Hello @Jee478, you have Samsung S21? Samsung broke the build in MediaCode on that particular device, but we have a simple fallback to switch from MP4 to OGG.

Now it gets a little complicated as in an attempt to fix this quickly we have caused some confusion as the last 3 versions of the app behave differently with different options…

But if you go for the latest BETA, you do not need anything, just keep the default option Settings > Noise recording > Advanced > Output > Default …

For other versions there is a confusion and on some versions you to switch output to MP4 (yes, paradoxically thats right due to a bug in our quick fix) and on other versions you need to force OGG.

Not sure which version you are on, but I suggest going for the BETA…

Please first join our BETA Testers group at:!forum/sleep-as-an-droid
That you can opt-into the BETA at the following address:
Or simply by visiting our Play Store listing and tapping “Join BETA”

Please note that this won’t fix any already created recordings but new recordings should be just fine…