Noise Recordings Will Not Play?


Hi there,

New to this application and really loving it, but having some issues with the noise recordings.

There are several recorded each night, but when I attempt to play them, it attempts to play it, but skips the file instead without playing anything.

I can however play these files manually through an installed music app.

They used to play fine, but now will not play in the app at all. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Having same issue. The recordings are there, I can see the graphical representations of the sound recorded, but when I click them it plays for less than a second and skips to next file and to repeat the same split second playing then skipping to next file.

The default Android audio player and VLC won’t play the files either. I’m on Pixel 3, Android 9.


Yes I’m on a Pixel 3 as well. I found that the Neutron player will play the files, but it’s annoying to have to switch over to another app. Strangely, this worked perfectly when I first installed the app, but has started happening in the last few weeks. Any help would be appreciated.