Noise Recording Stops Mid Sleep Tracking

Hi All,

new here, but been using this app on and off for many years. Twice this week, the app has stopped recording noises during tracking. Plenty of storage on the device. I know for sure this is happening because there are specific noises being made through the tracking session that it has most definitely recorded in all other sessions.

I have not changed any settings in the app, and sleep routine is the same. Sound recognitions are all at medium sensitivity. Recording volume threshold is at High Sensitivity.

Last night for example, it recorded 7x in the first hour, then nothing from then. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Ver up to date
Samsung S21+


Hi @mgs1968, is the sound graph flat after some point, or the noise graph had some waves, but nothing got recorded?

Hi Lenka,

Thanks for your reply. After the recorded sounds, the graph line is flat. See pic attached. Thank you.


Looks like we completely lost access to the mic. Is there any other app, that might be using the mic? Samsung has added a snoring analysis to the Health Connect app, and from the feedback from our users, it seems to be on by default. Could you please check on that?

Thanks for the suggestion. Discovered there was an app I had used recently that may have been accessing the mic. Hasn’t occured since I fully closed it.


Great news :slight_smile: thanks for the update!

Looks like I spoke too soon. This re-occurred last night. I definitely closed all apps before starting SaA. I don’t have Health Connect installed.

Again, another flat line after the last recording at 22:52. i keep the charging cable connected but I did notice it was disconnected at some point throughout the night, but can’t recall exactly what time it was when I noticed, but would’ve been well after the last recording time. I simply re-connected and went back to sleep. Does the charging cable disconnecting cause this by chance? Thank you.


May I see the logs, please?
Does the app have “Draw over other apps” permission? It sounds unrelated, but if the app loses the mic, it can only take it back with this permission.
the end of the tracking could have disrupted the tracking, and the app resumed the tracking itself but could have been no longer allowed to take the mic.