No vibration on MI band 6 for lucid mode


My problem is no vibration on my MI band 6 from lucid dream detector
Sound only mode if rington selected!
Tapping Preview also no vibration

Only alarms vibration is ok from SaA

I`m install Mi band tools.

My settings:
Settings -> Sleep -> Lucid dreaming ->

  • Enabled [V]
  • Ringtone set to ‘Silent’.
  • Vibrate [V]
  • Volume set to 100%
  • Loop audio 3x


Alarms from Sleep as Android vibration is ok if using Mi band tools,
and no vibration if i use Notify for mi band.

My android : 10 realme UI


sorry for the issues. At the moment the preview feature for lucid cues does not support wearables…

If the vibration works in Tools & Mi Band, but does not work in Notify & Fitness this basically means that Notify & Fitness did not implement your vibration call… we use the same Wearabel API to notify integrating apps that they should vibrate the wearable…

We will notify Notify & Fitness author about this…
Many thanks…

There is also no vibration on the signal during REM, sound only, I tested it for several nights. Is there a way to add this feature? Judging by the reviews, the previous Mi band models vibrate even on the preview.

Have you got the same vibration problem with mi band 6?
Or is it just my config

Hi folks!

I have a MI Band 2 which works fine with SAA using Notify for MI Band: SAA alerts make the MI Band 2 vibrate.

I just bought a MI Band 6 and the same way (using Notify) unfortunately SAA alerts doesn’t make the MI Band 6 vibrate.
What’s more, I bought Tools & MI Band and SAA still doesn’t make the MI Band 6 vibrate when I choose Wearables / MI Band / Tools & MI Band.

From the MI Fit app, Notify app and the Tools & MI Band app, the vibration works fine on the MI Band 6.
Still, MI Band 6 doesn’t vibrate from SAA… :frowning:
Any guess, what should I try?

Thanks, best regards!