No vibration on MI band 6 for lucid mode


My problem is no vibration on my MI band 6 from lucid dream detector
Sound only mode if rington selected!
Tapping Preview also no vibration

Only alarms vibration is ok from SaA

I`m install Mi band tools.

My settings:
Settings -> Sleep -> Lucid dreaming ->

  • Enabled [V]
  • Ringtone set to ‘Silent’.
  • Vibrate [V]
  • Volume set to 100%
  • Loop audio 3x


Alarms from Sleep as Android vibration is ok if using Mi band tools,
and no vibration if i use Notify for mi band.

My android : 10 realme UI


sorry for the issues. At the moment the preview feature for lucid cues does not support wearables…

If the vibration works in Tools & Mi Band, but does not work in Notify & Fitness this basically means that Notify & Fitness did not implement your vibration call… we use the same Wearabel API to notify integrating apps that they should vibrate the wearable…

We will notify Notify & Fitness author about this…
Many thanks…

There is also no vibration on the signal during REM, sound only, I tested it for several nights. Is there a way to add this feature? Judging by the reviews, the previous Mi band models vibrate even on the preview.