From Eva on 2015/11/17 22:48:31 +0000

I like to snooze my alarm a couple of times in the morning. I have my snooze limit set to 3 times and my snooze duration to 10 minutes, but sometimes I use the additional snooze length buttons to have a longer duration. A feature where you can set a time you can’t snooze any longer would be great, like for example when my alarm is set to 6:30 and I set the no-more-snoozing-option to 7:00, i can snooze as many times and how ever long until that time, but then I’ll have to dismiss. Hope you get what I mean.

Copied from original feature request:

From Zer0CT on 2016/02/04 11:26:52 +0000

I've found a (half) workaround for this. Basically, you have 2 important times: first alarm and last alarm. With the available features, you can:

  1. Set the alarm for the time from you must not snooze.
  2. Count that how far is the first alarm from the last, and set the Smart Wake Up to that time. Set the Movement Intensity and Movement Occurance to the highest sensitivity. (So it will alarm for the first little move at that timeframe.)
  3. Set Snooze Limit to No Limit.
  4. Set Snooze After Alarm Time to Disabled.

This is not a perfect solution, but you may experience with different sensitivity settings, smart wake up timeframes and snooze times to find out what would work for you.

PS: I don't recommend multiple snoozes for it harms more than helps. However, I respect your decision, that's why I don't answer with only "don't snooze, problem solved."