No Heart rate form Wear OS (Ticwatch Pro) and Sonar vs. Accelerometer


Hi, I’m using a Google Pixel phone and wearing a Ticwatch Pro to bed, with 24hr HR monitoring enabled on the watch. I’ve been using “Sonar” as the Sleep option as I have the phone on my bedside table next to me overnight, as I don’t want it in the bed with me (and I don’t sleep alone either).

But I’m wondering…with my Ticwatch Pro on, should I be using “Accelerometer”, to get movement data from my watch, instead of Sonar? The app isn’t clear in the options if using a Wear OS watch has any impact on if the app uses the phone’s accelerometer vs the watch one?

Also, I am not getting heart rate data in my sleep graphs…is that because the Ticwatch Pro isn’t supported, despite being Wear OS? The supported device list has Ticwatch E & S but no Pro listed.


Hello, at the moment tracking on phone and tracking on watch are exclusive. So either you use accelerometer on your watch or you use sonar for example if the app was unable to connect to your watch…

Regarding HR form a Wear OS watch…

if your Wear watch does not send HR to Sleep, the problem is most often a missing Sensors permission either on the watch or on phone. First please make sure your have the BETA version of the app. As this feature is BETA only.

Make sure that both phone and the watch have body sensors permission granted.

If there are no permissions listed on the watch, please, reinstall the watch app… the reason you are not seeing the permission on the watch is you still have the non-BETA watch app in your watch and you need to sync over the BETA app…


Ah yes, that would be the problem, I installed the watch app before I went on the Beta for Sleep as Android. I’ve removed/re-installed the watch app and this time got prompted for the “vital signs” permission. Let’s see how we go tonight. Thanks.


Great… IMHO this should fix the issue…


Just to confirm, it did…not the first night after I installed the beta app on my Ticwatch…but turns out the watch itself wasn’t measuring my pulse properly…I restarted the watch and last night i’ve successfully gotten my heart rate in my sleep graph. Cheers for the help.


Great news…many thanks…