No data? Red line throughout the night


What causes the red line? I assume it mean no data was transmitted from watch to phone.

My phone is a OnePlus 5 and my watch Samsung Gear S3. My phone is charging during the night.

I have excluded the following apps from battery optimization on the phone:

  • Galaxy Wearable
  • Gear S Plugin
  • Samsung Accessory Service
  • Samsung Health
  • Sleep as Android
  • Sleep as Android Gear Companion

Thankful for any suggestion to fix this.
I has happened twice now.

Hi, please see
In short, this would probably still be some battery optimization on the phone, OnePlus (and 5 specifically) is very hardcore in this matter…

Thanks for the reply.

Those options are already disabled. It happened tonight again.

However, this time I remembered it looked different on the lockscreen (when I get up to dismiss and solve a puzzle). Note, I did not take a screenshot but how I have manipulated the image is what I remembered it as.

I have sent logs (app and wearable) though the app.

It happened again. The lock screen shows something, and in the app something else of the graph.

The lockscreen:

In the app:

Bug and wearable have been sent through the app.

It keeps happening :worried:
(On lock screen)

(In the app)

Why, somehow for a few minutes around 08:00 data exists (tiny green line), then it dies again, why?
I keep sending the error logs through the app, but it feels like I’m ignored.

Is it with the mobile app something is wrong or the companion app on the watch?
Does the mobile app stop pulling data or does the companion app stop sending?
Is mobile app and companion app communicating through Bluetooth or Wifi?

Here is a possible explanation:

Every time I contacted support (sent a bug report through the app) they mentioned that. Each time I replied that I had checked that. The battery optimization was still disabled.

However! Progress has been made, after much trial and error.
For the last two weeks I have also “pinned / locked” the Sleep and Companion app in the task list.
15 days have passed since I “pinned / locked” and I have not seen a red line!

Nopp… Now It happened again.

Sorry for replying after that much delay. On the lockscreen the app doesn’t have any more data than after that, but the data on the lockscreen are stretched to fill the whole width of the screen (which could probably be called a bug).

I see two possibilities.
Really a battery saving issue, on either of the apps in the chain.
Or alternatively a bug in the Gear Addon. Have you got an update for the Gear addon in the past few days? Has it fixed the issue?

I believe what i did in this post have helped (combined with excluding them from battery optimisation that I did from the start).

When the latest red line happened I had received a update to the sleep app.
So I “unpinned / unlocked” the app and then “pinned / locked” it again.
Since then, no red line has appeared.

Now each time the sleep app or gear companion app receives a update I “unpinned / unlocked” and then “pinned / locked” the app again.

Currently 17 days without a red line. :slight_smile:

Damn that’s quite cumbersome :frowning: We try to find workarounds but this space is pretty constrained :frowning:


Bumping up this old thread. I had exactly the same problem. Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 with Galaxy S7 phone and all the latest updates (I’m on beta). After a good nights sleep, just before stopping tracking, the graph will show my activity just fine.

I stop it and then on rating screen the activity graph is flat (heart rate graph is fine). SaA thinks I slept only like 3 minutes…

I think I found a solution: In Gear S3 go settings - display - show last app - set it “Within 1 hour”.

After this my graphs have been just okay!

Earlier this year I was playing with my new watch and at some point set this to “20 seconds”. SaA graphs went bad. I didn’t know what was going on… I did try all the power saving related stuff and pinning/locking the app, but no joy.

So, to recap: in Display settings set “show last app” to 1 hour!