NFC Randomizer

From Kyle on 2014/12/21 14:52:55 +0000

It would be awesome if there was a way so that when your alarm goes off, instead of just telling me to scan any one of the tags, it would show me a picture or text of the tag that I need to scan.

For example, I have two Skylanders figurines, a loyalty card key chain, and a credit card. When the alarm goes off it shows me a picture of my car keys, I would then scan the loyalty key chain and that’s the only nfc tag that will shut off my alarm at the time. Then I could enable it to select a different nfc tag if I scan the wrong one. So if I scan Spyro instead of the Cynder figurine, I now have to scan my credit card.

I’m assuming that this could also be used for QR codes as well.

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