NFC Home Location Restriction Ineffective, Even at 137km Away

Detailed description of the problem:
The “Only at home” functionality does not seem to work anymore. It did a year or more ago, but since then I haven’t been able to get it to function reliably. Additionally, there is no documentation on the functionality that I can find, therefore the expected behavior, as well as the permissions it requires and how it determines “Home,” are unpredictable. There’s very little custom with my configuration, the largest being that I have an Amazfit GTS 3, but even that doesn’t appear to integrate properly, so I do not believe that is a vector for this bug.

Steps to reproduce:
1.) Create a new alarm;
2.) Set that alarm configuration, select NFC as the CAPTCHA;
3.) Check the “Only at home” option;
4.) Travel 137km away from your home (“home” being an arbitrary location, seemingly);
5.) Wait until the prescribed time in the alarm’s parameters;
6.) Observe whether the CAPTCHA is still required when attempting to dismiss the alarm.

Expected Outcome:
NFC Captcha is not prompted for, and alarm is immediately dismissed as long as other CAPTCHA methods or other preferences aren’t enabled to block immediate dismissal of the alarm.

Actual Outcome:
Your life is turned upside-down, suddenly, in the dead of sleep, and you want to break-down and cry because you did too good of a job ensuring that, no matter what, you cannot turn off the alarm. Worse yet, in 5 minutes you’re supposed to be on a mandatory and extremely important work call, but instead you find yourself hunting-and-pecking at sheep that are apparently all more awake than even you are. When your boss asks why you were late, you are forced to tell him that you were delayed due to fingering sheep to shut off your phone’s alarm as a backup to scanning an NFC tag located at home, on your desk, 137km away. *

Ok, in all seriousness, the alarm is supposed to be able to be dismissed without requiring NFC scan, as long as other similar blocking-like preferences are not also enabled concurrently.

Version of Sleep as Android:

Solutions Tried:
I’ve changed the location permission to precise, despite the developer advising that the application does not request (nor consume, I assume) precise location for that specific feature**. Since there is no documentation on this functionality that I can find, I have not implemented any other solutions. HOWEVER, testing the precise location change will not occur until tomorrow morning (Tuesday), so I do not know if that will/has help[ed].

*: No, none of this actually happened, except for the fingering of sheep :joy:, but filing bug reports can be boring.
** (On a side note: Please do add a check into the code that consumes ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION if it is present in the app permissions and simply falls back to ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION otherwise. We’re not all wealthy CEOs cheating on our wives or being hunted by the FBI. :slight_smile: I expect that even if I’m near my home, for example, within a mile, but at least 500m away, that it won’t require me to scan it.)

Confirmed: ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION did not change the results — my alarm still required me to scan the NFC tag at home, 137km away.

Hello Nick, this is something we cannot solve via a forum, please contact, ideally send the logs (Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug).
Normally, if there is an established home location, and the current location is different (at least 5km), the Captcha task is skipped.
For the easiest difficulty configured, the Captcha fallback task requires you to tap 50 sheep, which should not take too much time (but will prove you are awake).
NFC Captcha is ultimate Captcha to force you get up and scan the tag - if we made the fallback easier, users would for sure misuse this Sheep option to escape the Captcha, which would defeat its purpose.

We do not access fine locations for privacy reasons and due to strict regulations in the EU.