[NEWS: BACK IN STORE!] Samsung integration pulled from the Galaxy store - official statement

Two weeks ago, the Sleep app for Samsung smartwatches (except Gear Fit 2 and the old Gear S1) has been suspended from the Galaxy Store by Samsung.

The official reason is high battery drain - which we know a lot of you have been worried about anyway.
We haven’t been warned by Samsung beforehand so we couldn’t really prepare for that - but we found a way to significantly reduce the battery usage of sleep tracking and as of today, the updated version is undergoing review by Samsung and hopefully be ready the next week. (Though from experience we know it can take up to a month to pass a review at Samsung).

Aaaaand it’s public!


(Apparently I’ve been underestimating Samsung a lot.)

The battery drain is still alive (over 50%/night at Samsung Gear Sport).

Could you please send a wearable report (Sleep > left menu > send wearable report) - I’ll take a look at the sensor batching queue that your watch has. Thank you

I wonder how is it nowadays… I sold my watch active2 partially because of this some months ago… Now thinking of rebuying if it’s better.

Hello, in fact with some support from Samsung we managed to make sensor batching working on Samsung. The update intervals are quite long - much longer than on other wearable platforms so the activity curve is a little too smooth on the Samsung, but still we think this is useable and the battery requirements are much lower now…

So hopefully this issue has been resolved on the Gear.galaxy devices…