New User - Can't seem to get it to work

Good morning,

I wonder if someone could help. I’ve recently moved away from the fruit-based manufacturer of wearables and taken a punt on a TicWatch Pro. Everything is working fine but, honestly, I couldn’t get sleep tracking…until someone recommended Sleep As Android!

OK, so I installed the app on my Samsung phone and thought I had set everything up correctly (including automatic sleep tracking), but when I woke up this morning nothing had been tracked. I then noticed that there was a companion app for the watch, which I installed this morning.

Is there anything else I need to ensure is set up, just so that it automatically tracks my sleep? I’m assuming I don’t need to set it running every night?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry I can’t help with your question. I just wanted to welcome you to the Sleep as Android Forum. Hope you get helpful responses. Good luck!

Hello Michael,

the companion app on the Wear OS watch is really what you need, you need to got to the Play Store on the watch, scroll all the app down to apps on phone and install Sleep as Android… But you already did that!

Than you should be good to go…

Please check here on how exactly automatic sleep trackig works:

Your watch and phone needs to be connected for it to start.

Hey thanks both for the responses and yep Petr, I needed that and it’s been working for a couple of days. One question I DO have, having seen it working. Each sleep session is labelled with the day that I opened the app back up, not the date of the sleep session itself.

So, I opened up the app and it showed me last night’s sleep, but labelled the session as Monday. But it was Sunday night I was asleep!

Is there any way to change this to reflect the session more accurately?