Never choose bird sounds as alarm

Just a feedback, I’m glad I didn’t use it for long, but it took weeks to my brain not be be hyper alert to bird sounds.

It seems a good idea to pick birds sounds, and so cute to be waken up like that, but then your brain does associate bird noises with alarms.

So when spring approches, you’ll be waken up every morning at 5-6am when actual birds sings even tho you don’t need to wake up that early.

It’s just a piece of advice and I know lot alarms sell such nature noises about being good but they forget the basic brain function that will make a Pavlovian relex from birds to waking up, I used bird sounds for like two months and it took me a good month for my brain to register it doesn’t need to wake up when birds sing outside and that the alarm is now another sound.

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Hi, the default song for alarms was chosen based on the most common type of sounds the users were choosing.
Bird singing is also traditionally associated with morning, the original natural time to wake up.

But you can change the ringtone to any other sound in the app, to any sound file you have on the device, or use playlists, radio, or Spotify - this will not associate any particular song with the alarm.

Yeah that’s just a piece of advice I’m giving as feedback…
Because most people need to wake up around 7am, but birds will start singing 5-6am, weekday or weekends, holidays or not.
Using that sound will cause a Pavlovian reflex and you’ll wake up if you hear birds when that sounds usually isn’t supposed to wake you up.

I hadn’t think of that before it happened to me, so I’m just warning people

We are sorry the bird ringtone had a negative effect on you, we did not mean bad…
We also assumed, that choosing a new ringtone of one’s liking would be the first thing the users will do after they familiarize themselves with the settings.

The app needs a default ringtone, so the users don’t have to dig into Settings right after the fresh install.
What sound would you recommend using as a default (from the built-in sounds)? Ideally something, that is generally associated with mornings.

I’m just giving a simple feedback and advice for others.
Because like you know when you love a song if you use it as an alarm you end up hating it.
Here it’s worse, it is associated with morning, but the brain is used to actual birds singing in morning, especially in spring and summer, and won’t wake up because it get used to it and one can continue sleeping.
If you use is as an alarm sound, it will be associated with waking up.
And then hearing birds singing in early morning will trigger your brain to wake up.
Took me a few weeks after changing alarm before I could sleep again and not been waking up by actual birds when I needed to sleep.
I’ve posted that here so others don’t do same mistake.
Now I’ve choosed a soft alarm but not any sound that actually exist in mornings, so I won’t be waking up.
Because even when you sleep I guess the brain hears stuff and if it’s alarming you’ll wake up, and doing it with birds that do sing outside every morning is not the best idea.

I did like the birds sounds, I just wasn’t aware that it would trigger such a Pavlovian reflex until I’ve actually been awaken by birds very early morning… Looked like a good sound to wake up, soft and cute, but then it will make yourself wake-up every morning by real birds when you wanted to sleep…

Well, I sleep with windows opened and the bird chirping around make no effect for me. So, this is probably an option and my advice is to you use a music that elevates you.