Native Gear Companion already installed

I already e-mailed about this issue and heard back, so this is a placeholder for anyone else having the same issue.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch and removed the Sleep As Android - Native Gear Companion yesterday with’ the hopes of re-installing it to solve some battery issues.

However, when I try to install the Native Gear Companion from the Galaxy Store I’m unable to, getting this error:

“Sleep as Android - Native Gear Companion is already installed on your phone. Uninstall it to install this version.”

Have tried uninstalling all Sleep As Android apps from my phone and re-installing, but still unable too re-install the Samsung app. If you happen to already have the Native Gear Companion on your watch, DON’T UNINSTALL IT!

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Thanks for posting this. I have raised an issue with Samsung and hope to hear from them soon.

This morning I was actually able to get the Samsung app back onto my watch. I looked through my Galaxy watch backups and noticed that I had a previous backup from a few months ago, when I had the app installed. I restored the apps, widgets and settings from backup and the app is back on my watch! I tested the connectivity with Sleep As Android and it appears to be working normally.

Not a fix, but a possible workaround for others with this issue if you’re lucky enough to have an available backup with the app already on it.

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We were also thinking that maybe clearing data of the Galaxy Wearable app on phone might help. It’s a blunt approach but could be worth a try.

So the app is on my watch and working again, however last night the battery went from 90% to dead in about 5 hours. So I definitely didn’t fix any battery issues by going through this process, I made it worse.

I’ve been told by one user that they have been able to work around the “already installed on your phone” issue by installing Sleep from Galaxy Store on the watch.
I am unable to test it since to me this message never appears on neither Gear S2 nor Galaxy Active (two devices we have for testing).

Thank you for posting the workaround by restoring apps from a backup. It was the only thing that worked for me. Thankfully I now have the app back on my Galaxy Watch but unfortunately, I can’t update the app to the latest version as I still get the ‘already installed’ error. Hopefully the bug will be fixed at some point and I’ll be able to update. But for now, thanks to you, I can still use the app albeit an older version.


I fixed this by uninstalling and reinstalling the SAA app itself. Don’t forget to sync the data first.


I just recently started having this issue with my Samsung Galaxy Active watch. I already uninstalled the native gear companion, and I don’t have a back up of my watch while the app was functioning, as I got the watch relatively recently. Has anyone had any luck fixing this issue?

Hi everyone! I’ve contacted Samsung about the issue and they’ve responded with a resolution that, according to a few users already, seems to help.

  1. Make sure to uninstall Sleep as Android - Gear Addon from your phone
  2. On your watch, start Galaxy Apps and search for Sleep as Android - Native Gear Companion and install it. It may or may not install the phone counterpart.
  3. If it does not, please install Sleep as Android - Gear Addon from

Please let me know if anyone has further issues!

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This worked for me! Thanks so much!!

I have the same problem.


I also removed SAA a few days after receiving my watch active 2, now when I want to re-install it I cannot find it from Galaxy Store (search or browsing)
I’ve tried the solution you proposed, I can install the addon on my phone but when I click on the native companion to install it on the watch it only lanch Galaxy wearable on the phone … no more

I hope you can help me to find it back


sorry for the issues and many thanks for reporting. I can confirm the issue.

Samsung did pull our app from the Galaxy store for keeping a wake lock all night long during sleep tracking. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a good sensor batching API which would allow us to gather all sensoric data and not restrict the watch from entering standby… We are communicating with Samsung about this and are investigating some options…

Unfortunately Galaxy Watch apps cannot be distributed outside of the Galaxy Store - cannot be side loaded so we cannot even make the app available on our website for the time being.

We hope to resolve the issue in the future so please stay tuned… but at the moment we cannot promise anythings…

Please note that apart from the Samsung platform our app also works with many different wearables out there including Pebble, Garmin, Mi Band, Amazfit, Wear OS…

our user Thiago (many thanks!) came up with an interesting workaround…
According to this forum:
it is possible to sideload apps on Gears.
So, if anyone is experienced and brave enough to test it, here is the file (use with caution!):
com.urbandroid.sleep-1.0.17-arm.tpk (184.8 KB)
Let us know, please! Thanks.


Thanks for the tip but apparently no one manage to transfer the file to the watch without rooting in the topic.
I tried also but no success.

Hi, yes you need to root the watch - it is mentioned in the forum (linked in the previous message). That is why we recommend this only to experienced users.

I manage to sideload other apps with tizen studio and sdb without issue but the tpk you posted above report unsigned certificate errors…
They are probably not included in the file.
Could you have a look please?

Hi, could you please try to follow this guide?