Narcolepsy, sleep monitoring, and incorrect data

I have been having many issues with this App lately, and I am hoping something can be done about them…

First of all, I am wondering about the sleep stages… I don’t feel like it’s accurate at all. I fall asleep directly into REM sleep, because I am a person with Narcolepsy. According to my sleep graphs on Sleep as Android, I am getting like 90% deep sleep, which is nonsense, and it never says I have any REM sleep…
Also, it doesn’t register my naps which I find very annoying.
I downloaded (and paid for) this app specifically because my doctor wants me to keep track of how much I’m sleeping and when. If it’s not counting my naps, which happen randomly, unexpectedly, and without warning, due to my disease; what is the point of having it at all?
It’s not a very accurate picture of my sleep.

Also, my wearable isn’t integrated which may be part of the problem… I have an Honor Band 5. I had hoped since you have support for the Huawei Watch 2, you may be adding the Honor Band 5 as well…

I have tried sonar and actigraphy, and neither one registers my sleep very well.
My bed is memory foam, so it doesn’t make noise, and neither does it move…
The only noises I’ve heard recorded is my partner snoring and coughing… I never hear any of my own noises at night, and I have been an avid sleep talker my whole life.

These issues are very frustrating. Anything that can be done to resolve them would be greatly appreciated.
Monitoring my sleep is very important to me, as it correlates directly to my quality of life, and could provide valuable feedback and information to my doctors.
Thank you!

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