My watch vibrates only once - Sleep as Android

On Wear OS platform and ONE UI Watch (Galaxy Watch 4 + 5), we use gentle vibrations for even more natural wake up. It starts with a single vibe, another in 30s, than again in 20s and so on. After few minutes the vibrations will be continuous.

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Hello. I wish the vibration frequency setting on Galaxy Watch 5 was modifiable. The current proposed (and only) setting isn’t enough for me. I sleep in earplugs and normally I don’t use the alarm sound at all, I rely only on vibrations. On the other hand, the vibrations of the phone placed under my pillow often wake up my partner who sleeps in the same bed. If I could set the watch vibrations to continuous, or at least a vibe every few seconds, that would be perfect.

That’s way too few. I’ve always depended on vibration on my earlier MiBand and and it worked for me very well. Why don’t you let us decide what we want? I need MORE VIBRATION. It has to be strong, long and shocking. I’m that type of guy.