Muse Ring One Integration Request

I’d like to buy the following Smart Ring, but would like to know how likely it is for you to integrate it into Sleep As Android:

It is most funded Smart Ring ($1.2Million USD in 38 days), so it may become a reasonably popular option for people (though it is fairly pricey, it’s lower than most competitors with any similar offerings).

I’m not a dev myself, but it does appear that the company features an API which allows access to the on-device sensors:

I’m not sure if that is only for their watch, or will include the soon-to-launch “Ring One” as well (I don’t know enough to be able to tell). But it seems like a good sign that they are likely to have an API for the Ring One soon as well even if it’s not posted quite yet.

@petr-urbandroid If you think you guys can get the Ring One Integrated with at least the Heart Rate, SpO2, and the 6 axis Accelerometer and Gyroscope for the sleep cycle (anything else would just be a bonus) all in one device, I will probably get that ring. I know they do their own sleep tracking, but Sleep As Android is my favorite, default, go-to sleep tracking king. So I’d definitely prefer that.

They said we can ask them questions at so I just emailed them to ask more about the API for the Ring One, but you’re welcome to ask them them yourself too.

Thanks for your time either way. Couldn’t hurt to ask. I love your stuff.

Hello @Carverofchoice:frowning: very unlikely we can only integrate open devices which have some API - vendors which think about interoperability of thier devices… many vendors now battle to bring new fancy devices to the market but nobody really makes them open, they keep them closed and proprietary… correct me if I’m wrong but this is the case for Muse as well?

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This is not real time BLE API required for SAA, it’s just API for their servers