Multiple Times For an Alarm?

I had a question if we could set multiple times for a single alarm if the schedule is erratic, rather than creating new alarms for it.

My alarm situation is basically I need two alarms per day. Each alarm has a unique playlist. On one day of the week those two alarms need an earlier time. Right now I have this as having 4 alarms set up separately. Essentially 2 pairs of alarms, the with one pair timeshifted earlier, but otherwise identical.

I think what makes this inconvenient to set up is that I can’t seem to find a way to save the specific alarm playlist, which helps me remind myself what each alarm is as I’m waking up. If I change the song playlist with a second alarm, the odd day of the week version of that on a separate time won’t update.

So really the question is, could I have an alarm that has a time like (mon-thurs 8 am, fri 9am) so it’s the same alarm I can turn on and off? Or, possibly a way to save an alarm playlist so any updates and/or having it linked to multiple alarms wouldn’t take as much busywork? Ideally having it as one alarm is easier to manage since conceptually it’s the same thing, I just need to wake up earlier that day.