Multi CAPTCHA not working

Detailed description of the problem:

Whenever I try to use a multi-captcha option to make sure I’m actually awake in the morning the first of the options selected for multi-captcha flashes on the screen then disappears and none of the others ones come up at all. This also happens when I test multi-captcha settings using the preview button in settings.

What’s weird is that I can get a single captcha option to work if it’s selected outside of the multi-captcha settings. If I try to have just one thing selected in the multi-captcha settings, then it just fails to work.

I submitted bug reports/logs today (I may have sent them in before but I don’t remember for sure so I submitted them today just in case) from both an alarm and just trying the preview option for multi-captcha.

Wondering if anyone else has come across this issue.

Steps to reproduce:

I can reproduce this by either previewing the captcha settings with multi-captcha selected or by having multi-captcha selected and using it as the captcha option for an alarm.

Version of Sleep as Android:

According to Google Play I have version 20191212 installed. It just updated today and I tried both an alarm and the preview captcha options and it still failed to work.


Hi Evan,

I know this bug was posted in 2019 but for others who may also stumble across this issue, please try this simple fix below:

I was also struggling with this issue. I found that the root of the problem is the QR/Bar code scanner. If you have the ‘Only at home’ option selected in the QR/Bar code scanner settings, it will lead to this bug. So what I did to remove the bug is to deselect the ‘Only at home’ option when in the settings of the QR/Bar code scanner or to just deselect this QR/Bar code scanner captcha completely.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,