MQTT Integration

It would be very usefull that the app’s states could be posted to an MQTT broker, so we can implement, for example, domotic automation in base of our sleep states or our average fall asleep time etc…
It would also be very usefull also the viceversa, so if an MQTT topic is changed, SleepAsAndroid could, for example, start or stop the sleep recording or add/move/delete an alarm!

In my case i’m using Home Assistant, and i would like to turn on and off not only my home’s lights (that btw are Tradfri) but also turn off the sleep warmer and set the max brighteness of my bathroom light to 10%. Btw, actually i’m already trying to achieve this via Tasker and an MQTT plugin, but this combo has a very high delay that makes it pretty unusable

Thanks in advance!

Hello, many thanks, have MQTT in our TODO…

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Would also like if it could report out a list of current alarms. Helps if I have a morning alarm, I can start my AC to go to a more comfortable wake up temperature. I’d prefer that instead of getting a notification only an hour before the alarm.