Motiv Ring integration

I’d like to request integration support for the Motiv Ring.

The Motiv Ring fitness tracker was released in September 2017 for iOS and is currently going through beta testing on Android which started on February 28 (and of which I’m participating in). The ring’s own software provides sleep tracking while the ring hardware itself contains:

  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Smart LED Sensor
  • Optical Heart Rate Sensor

More specifics can be found here:

Agreed! Would love to see this!

I couldn’t find any API docs nor Developer page on their website. We would need to access the ring’s sensors directly if we wanted to integrate it with Sleep as Android, so far I cannot see any way that’s possible.
Do you have any clue whether they will have an open API later?

I have recently obtained a motiv ring. I’m using it with a Galaxy s9+ (from AT&T) and find the syncing to be very irregular and variable. My sense is it’s some software conflict (I’m aware it’s a beta app). I have removed the software from my prior Gear S2. Was wondering if anyone else has this experience or advice

First thing I did when I read that the Motiv Ring is now compatible with Android phones is reasearch if it has Sleep With Android integration or functionality. Sadly, this page was the first to come up in my search. So I’m gonna contribute here and say I’d like to see this in the works before I take the plunge.

Unfortunately the Motiv ring doesn’t have any public API so there’s no feasible way to integrate with it and get it’s data.

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