Motion Sensor to trigger video camera and gps tracking

From James on 2015/03/29 06:44:31 +0000

I have a friend that randomly for reasons neither of us can figure out, will sometimes start sleep walking. This sometimes is limited to him just standing up and moving around, usually looks like he’s practicing tai chi or something, and sometimes he’ll wonder around the house. It would be cool if there was a motion sensor that would activate the video camera on the device and start tracking gps movements on a smart watch and after waking up in the morning it would give you an alert about your sleep walking. You could then review the video recording and look at your gps movements of where you went and how many steps you took in total so you could see exactly what it is you did while you were sleep walking.

We never really know what causes him to sleep walk, usually happens when he’s extremely tired more then normal. But it would be really cool to actually see what he does every time it happens. The phone would have to be in some sort of dock so the camera would be able to see everything after being triggered but it would be worth setting it up to see what goes on.

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