Mosquitto repellent

From Erik Zuiker on 2016/09/06 10:54:22 +0000

Would it be possible to let the app emit a sound that would repel mosquittoes?

Copied from original feature request:

From Anonymous on 2017/03/10 07:42:03 +0000

It wouldn't be possible. Those methods of mosquito repellent don't work.

From PaweĊ‚ Polewicz on 2017/02/27 18:30:58 +0000

check if the sonar doesn't actually repel them - it uses a similar frequency to the hardware repellers

From R on 2016/12/04 20:20:26 +0000

Mosquito can't hear such a sound. Only females smell a chemical from your skin and the CO2 in your breathing. That's why mosquitoes are coming to you.

From Anonymous on 2016/11/05 11:12:38 +0000

There is another app that is anti mosquito, i downliaded it on my old kindle, good for camping or sleeping outside