More Ways to Sort Alarms – Manually, by Name, etc

Beside as a comprehensive sleep tracking app, Sleep as Android also acts for many people as a mega ultimate alarm manager app, due to its also sheer capabilities orchestrating an alarm. It then comes as natural for many people to utilize Sleep as Android to manage their “alarm life”, if you will.

There are many things that you can do to also push Sleep as Android in this direction, one maybe by making Sleep as Android like the de facto clock app in many people’s phones. But for starters definitely, users need to be able to sort their many alarms manually to have a clear overview when utilizing Sleep as Android as the mega alarm manager app. (On top you could also build sorting by alarm name, maybe also grouping, etc.)

So, not only sorting alarms by hour time or day, but also manual sorting. One use case: User has an inactive alarm that he often sporadically needs to turn on on some days (due to the sporadic nature / unpredictability, this alarm needs to be turned off otherwise). He wants this particular alarm to be at the very top of the list of inactive alarms, so that he can easily find it and then just turn it on when needed. He doesn’t want to have to look for that alarm, or worse spending time & energy creating a new alarm from scratch, where also he can make errors because Sleep as Android has so many alarm options to configure correctly.