More options for handling media playing when sonar enabled

I suggest detecting when Bluetooth headsets are connected and media is playing.
If the user has automatic tracking start, the warning on the tracking screen won’t help.

When smart automatic solutions don’t work, design a solution that warns, seeks feedback, and lets the USER configure it. Maybe a guided configuration wizard that asks for people to connect headsets, okay music, disconnect, play music, etc.

When I listen to music for more than 10 seconds (non-incidental notifications/etc)
And the sonar tracking starts (or is already running)
Then the app will detect the music and any bluetooth headset or headphones
And it will notify me both audibly and visually (popup, notification, etc) that I need to configure/test sonar with music and THIS headset
And then it will let me test and choose whether sonar affects my audio, and save a configuration specific to that headset/speaker (or lack thereof), and music-playing status.
And it will optionally report back my device type, os version, and configuration results to the main site to collect data for better automation in the future
But it will always allow user overrides per bluetooth device and media-playing configuration

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