More fine-grained intents controls

Sometimes when I use the app, I do not yet know how long my detox needs to last. I would like to be able to disable it through apps like Tasker and HomeAssistant for example when I need to get to work for emergency reasons (and I need to use my phone there). Another example would be locking the phone while I’m in bed, and unlocking it when I got up and took a shower (maybe a bit specific, but my HomeAssistant setup knows this!).

In order to control the app, I would love to have some more fine-grained control over it through intents:

  • Starting a detox with the duration specified in the intent, instead of one of the presets
  • Maybe even an ‘infinite’ one combined with…
  • Stopping a detox through an intent
  • Adding emergency uses through an intent
  • Changing the allowed list while in an active detox through an intent

Would this be possible?