More features in WearOS App


I was testing the app and the truth is that in WearOS I was missing something.

I’ve just been with a smartwatch with LiteOS (Huawei), and the truth is that I felt when using the app that it felt too dependent on the phone.

That is to say, I have not found a way to measure it autonomously, without depending on the smartphone, in addition to the fact that I do not have the opportunity to see how much I slept from the Smartwatch itself (or even quantify the level of deep sleep or quality of sleep).

I also noticed that it was not able to automatically detect the WearOS app itself if I was asleep or awake, I understand that the Android app (Smartphone) does not have half the sensors of a watch and that this feature has not been considered.

This added to the way in which it drains the battery that I have commented on in another thread, makes me question how the app really works.

Still, I’d really appreciate it if you considered these issues for future betas, as I’m sure it would be well received.