More detailed statistics sharing between users

From Matthew on 2015/06/30 06:41:04 +0000

Currently there is a tag that appears to average everybody’s sleep time and deep sleep % for a given night, but nothing more. After using the app for a bit, I know that my deep sleep is very poor based off of daily comparison with other users (and sleepiness in the day). Perhaps a history of averages could be kept track of, or the graph statistics of people who reported poor/good nights of sleep could be anonymously uploaded for others to compare their own to? If privacy is a concern, it could easily be an enable/disable option. A lot of power is to be had in comparing one another’s data.

Copied from original feature request:

+1. I feel like I sleep terribly but I really have nothing to compare to. How much of each night does the average person spend awake/light sleep/deep sleep? Would be great to compare more than just mid sleep hour.

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