More Clarity for Skip Next -> Skip More Days

Version 20230202

I love the updated interface when selecting skip next -> skip more days. However it is still confusing to me what day I am selecting. Am I choosing the day I want the next alarm to ring, or the last day I want to skip?

For example I have an alarm that rings every weekday. Today is Thursday and I have a long weekend off and return to work on Tuesday. So, I want my alarm to not ring Friday or Monday. I choose skip next to avoid ringing on Friday, then choose skip more days so I can skip Monday as well. It is not clear from the UI if I should choose Monday or Tuesday. I am unsure if it is expecting “skip through Monday”, or “skip until Tuesday”.

I think all that is needed here is more clear wording in the date picker.

Hello @jdevmiller, many thanks for your feedback. With the day option you are basically selecting the first day the alarm is allowed to ring (at 0:00 that day)…

So in case you have a non-repeating alarm settings a day X.Y. means the alarm will ring on day X.Y. at the set time…

With repeating alarms this is a bit more complicated as day X.Y. may not be a day you have the repeat set for, so in this case the alarm will simple ring at the next eligible occasion…

Does that make sense?

@jdevmiller@lenka-urbandroid has also impropved the documentation to better explain how this work, please check and look for the next alarm section

Thank you! This makes sense.

I was suspecting that was the behavior, but was never 100% sure.

@jdevmiller many thanks for your feedback!