Mood tracking notification(s) later in the day

I love Sleep As Android and have been using it for years, but one thing I’d love to see added to it is mood tracking!

In the morning, we’re already rating our sleep when we stop tracking - but a checkin or two throughout the day (a few hours after waking) on how you’re feeling might be helpful.

I’m always super groggy in the morning, so I never feel too confident about my star ratings for my quality of sleep. It would be super helpful to have star ratings for how tired I am or what my mood is once or twice a day to combine with that star rating and see how my sleep really is affecting my day to day life.

The way I see it working is something like a system preference for 1 or 2 reminders, x and y hours after waking, that puts up a notification for you and asks you to rate your tiredness and/or add mood tags, just like when you wake up and rate your sleep.

Over time this might make for some really interesting data analysis to show how let’s say 2 weeks of better (or worse) sleep has affected your responses to the mood checks.