Modify the 'Random-CAPTCHA-mode'

Hey there,

I would like to use random CAPTCHA-mode.
So it would be nice, when I could ‘modify’ the CAPTCHA tasks.

The idea came from the following problem: my microphone is broken, so I cannot use the task “swear” or “laugh loud”. So it would be awesome, when I could activate or deactive CAPTCHAs from the task list.

Aswell as modify the difficulty for each task indepentendly. For example, when I have to do a math task, it would be nice, to be mid or hard. But when I had to write a whole diary, I would like to do easy mode.

Maybe you can use these advices.

Hi, if you go to Settings > Captcha > Settings, you can choose the tasks for Random Captcha from the list.

My version has no such points.
Setting -> ???

If you are on the very last update (which is still not fully rolled out) or BETA, the Captcha section was moved to Alarms.
So Settings > Alarms > Captcha > Settings.

If you enter "Captcha! into the search box at the top of any screen in the app, the app will take you to the correct place.