Missions for snoozing

I’ve got a feature that I would love to have, and it’s to have the possibility to add a mission that should be done to snooze a certain time, that’s kind of big, the initiative that’s driving me to suggest this feature is that many times I don’t know how I wake up, sometimes I just can’t not have more sleep and I’m consciously willing to do ANYTHING to stop the alarm, and I think that in this case, it’s better to have an option in the app to sleep more, and I know snooze can let me so that! But the problem is sometimes the situation is that I’m willing to wake up and forcing me to get up and do a mission is sufficient to get me up and not get back sleeping, but if I see that I can sleep more, the amount of time that I’ve just chose that I can snooze, 90% I’m gonna snooze it, so the idea is why not have an option to do a mission to be able to snooze a certain time, that way when I can’t not sleep I can do the mission even if it’s hard cuz I’m willing to do anything to sleep more, and if I had enough sleep I would probably get up since the mission of getting up easier than the one I have to do to sleep more, I hope you take this into consideration.

Best regards.