Mindroid and Sleep as Android integration

I have a question about how to make both work together in a way that would work well for me, I guess.

What I’d like to do, would be to set Mindroid to play the “Sleep” program for the night, the 6-hours long version, in audio-only mode, from the moment I went to bed. No need for any music or lullaby together with the programing, the frequencies alone are fine. This way I’d sleep with the programming working to help me sleep deeper.

Meanwhile, in parallel, I’d like to have Sleep as Android configured to begin tracking my sleep about 15 minutes after I went to bed, which is how I use it currently, waking me up at the appointed time, as usual.

But then, at the moment the alarm starts, I’d like for Sleep as Android do interrupt Mindroid’s audio, or even to change it to another program to be able to wake up even more awaken!

Is this possible? I looked at both apps configurations, but couldn’t something along these lines. If it isn’t possible the usual way, could it be done with, for example, Tasker?

Thank you!

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Hello Alex,

this can be done with Tasker IMHO…

Here is a guide on the Sleep as Android side:

And I will prepare some hints on Mindroid for you if you like to go this path?

I’d like this, yes! Thank you!

I’m not experience with Tasker. I have it, but I never found an actual use for it, so this will be my first real one, and hence a good motivator for learning how to actually integrate things using it. :slightly_smiling_face: