Milight functionality

From Gewinner100 on 2015/06/17 20:24:07 +0000

It would be nice when you can controll other lights than only a hue.

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From Leo on 2016/01/04 07:38:43 +0000

Completely agree, these guys make great stuff and are a serious Hue alternative!!! MiLight, LimitlessLED, EasyBulb are all the same company and use the same hardware. They are great about integrations and completely open sourced their API. It's a hacker's paradise and they have been around for years so there is a great community built around them. To boot, their stuff is dirt cheap and you can get a full setup for less than a single Hue Bulb. Would be amazing if sleep as android could integrate with them. Should be pretty easy as all they do is receive UDP commands. Please integrate with them!!!

Open Source API Info

Other links that may be of interest:

Android UDPsender Open Source Project with Tasker Plugin for MiLight Control


API Python Repository

API Python Commands

From Anonymous on 2015/09/26 08:28:53 +0000

I've made the link from SaA to "Mi Light" with the Tasker app and listening to the intent "com.urbandroid.sleep.alarmclock.ALARM_ALERT_START" and sending tasker a signal to the FHEM home automation running on the raspi

But a direct link from SaA to the MiLight Bridge would be highly appreciated. MiLight is much cheaper than HUE