Migration path for Sleep As Android => Apple Health

Is there a known migration path for bringing Sleep As Android data into Apple Health?

Here is my understanding so far:

  1. There is no way of syncing Sleep As Android directly into Apple Health
  2. There is a CSV Importer App for Apple Health but as of today it doesn’t support sleep data. I am not aware of any other way of getting CSV data into Apple Health.
  3. Samsung Health seems to sync with Apple Health and O read somewhere that Sleep As Android syncs with Samsung Health, so that seemed like a viable path, but then I couldn’t find the sync option with Samsung Health in Sleep As Android so I assume that the (previously experimental) feature was discontinued.
  4. Sleep as Android seems to work with Google Fit but from what I can see, while Google Fit can read data from Apple Health it doesn’t write to Apple Health.

So, at this point, the (relatively) simple options seem to be exhausted, which opens up for a myriad of creative migration paths and before I start exploring those (don’t even know where to start) I wanted to check here on the Forum whether someone knows something more than what I outlined above.



Hi, we never had anyone ask this, but from what you wrote, Samsung Health is probably going to be the easiest way. We still support it (you need to have S Health installed, then go into Settings > Services > Samsung Health).

There is also another way, maybe the easiest: https://www.fitnesssyncer.com/

Thanks for that, I wasn’t aware that Samsung Health needed to be installed for the option to show up. So I managed to export to Samsung Health but then it turned out that Samsung Health doesn’t export sleep data to Apple Health :neutral_face:

I’ll try fitnesssyncer next…

Not to necropost, but @toffy did you ever figure out a migration path? Just made the switch to iPhone myself but still use my Pixel for sleep tracking. Would be great to sync the data with Apple Health.

I used fitnesssyncer. But your question reminds me that I never got it to sync more than 12 months back and I never actually investigated what to do about it. It’s probably a matter of upgrading to pro, but I haven’t checked whether that extends the sync period backwards in time. If anyone figured it out please post here.

FitnessSyncer does not properly support Sleep as Android - you’ll only get the durations which is relatively useless. This is also not documented anywhere at this point in time. Importing longer than 12 months requires a subscription, but again, it’s not worth it.